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Instructor (Contemporary Fusion, Latin Partnering, Hip Hop)


What's up? I'm AJ, founder and director of Barrio Dance. Barrio has been my lifelong dream. Growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I was surrounded by diverse and high-quality training for dancers of all ages in studios. I am ambitious to combine this idea with the concept of 'barrio,' or neighborhood, like the ones I grew up in, where every neighbor had each others' backs and there was such a strong sense of community and support.


I began dance training in latin ballroom, but quickly discovered a love for lyrical jazz, musical theatre, hip hop, and modern contemporary styles. I studied dance at the Julio Bocca School of Musical Theatre and immediately began performing in productions of “Applause” and “Aladdin” in Argentina’s Broadway. I was member of Chet Walker’s Fosse company, a featured dancer on Royal Caribbean Cruises and Celebrity Cruises, and I have danced and choreographed for Argentina’s “Dancing with the Stars,” “Singing for a Dream,” and “Dreaming to Dance.” In the states, I've choreographed commercials, choreographed for Carnival in Los Angeles, and connected with some of the best dance leaders in the Midwest.

Currently you can catch me choreographing throughout the Madison area, teaching in the UW-Madison dance department, and of course spending as much time as possible at Barrio with my community!

Fun Fact: I built a custom sneaker closet in my home to show off my shoe collection!

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5:30PM - Beg Choreo
6:45PM - Int Choreo
8:00PM - Contempo Fusion

6:45PM - Latin Partnering

6:45PM - Int/Adv Choreo

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