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Emma Berg

Front Desk

I'm Emma! I grew up dancing at a recreational studio in my small hometown, Dodgeville, WI. In middle school, I switched to gymnastics and that was my life until highschool started, and I found the more extensive world of dance. I tried a drop-in class in Madison, and instantly decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life dancing. Dance quickly became my favorite thing and hip hop and contemporary fusion drop-ins were my outlet and window into the community I wanted to become a part of.


I trained in dance at Madison Professional Dance Center, Elevation Dance Academy, weekend conventions around the Midwest, and drop-in classes at Barrio. I currently teach at Elevation Dance Academy and am currently studying toward a degree in business, and hope to combine it with dance. I continue to coach gymnastics! I love meeting people and being part of a community. I thrive in sharing my passion for dance and feel at my best when I’m exchanging with others. I incorporate dance and community into almost anything I can, and love connecting through it. 

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