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Instructor (Hip Hop/Choreo)

I'm Jasper Sanchez. I was born in Rockford, IL and started dancing at the age of 10 years old. I am a self-taught dancer with a background in breakdancing, hip hop, and contemporary fusion. I attended Auburn High School and was a part of the Creative and Performing Arts program, where I was awarded the Capability award, an award given to a student that

embodied artistry, creativity, passion, and hard work, all aspects of the CAPA program decided by program staff. I was also nominated for Visual Artist of the year in the RPS 205 school district.


My dance training continued in Milwaukee, as I pursued dance throughout the city and led my own group, SAINTS, to place 3rd at World of Dance Chicago 2021. I've quickly excelled and become a young staple of Hip Hop and artistry within the Milwaukee dance community. I've been able to join/perform with groups such as Chicago Dance Crash, IMMAbeast, IMMAbreathe, iPush, KinFigure, and have recently been nominated at Monsters of Hip Hop. Other credits include Wisconsin Sports Awards, Summerfest, Dollhouse Dance Factory, and Koss Headphones Corporation. I have taught masterclasses all over the Midwest and am the founder/coordinator of the “MKE YOUR MARK” dance events featured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


My goal is to educate and challenge dancers to indulge in movement exploration and individuality as well as self-discovery through creative movements and challenging choreography.

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