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Assistant Director
Instructor (Hip Hop/Choreo, Heels)

Hey, I'm Nicole, assistant director and hip hop and heels instructor at my favorite place ever, Barrio. My dance journey began with musical theater, where I discovered a love of the arts, and dance in particular. However, my intensive dance training and love of hip hop began much later when I was 19.


My favorite thing about Barrio is that it creates a space and opportunity for new dancers (or those with experience who've fallen out of touch with dance) to jump in and experience the joy of movement at its fullest! I always secretly dreamed of dancing and choreographing, but I didn't always have access to training, especially starting dance later in life. Because of this, I especially love teaching beginner classes for teens and adults.


I'm passionate about the history and fundamentals of hip hop, commercial, and other street and social dances. In my classes, I hope to inspire the sense of community, hard work ethic, respect for dance, and an openness to explore and express. Dancing brings me so much joy and I hope to share that joy with others!

Fun fact: I grew up on a strawberry farm!

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