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Instructor (Reggaeton & Hip Hop/Choreo)

Hola, I'm pato

Pato Cierna is the artistic name of Patricio Cierna Estrada, an Argentine singer and dancer.


In 2007, at the age of 8, Pato began his career as an artist until he was 14 years old at a Musical Comedy School in the West Zone, studying Singing, Guitar, Piano, Jazz, Hip Hop, American Zapateo and Theater.


In 2012 he began his work in theater, giving Hip Hop classes, until he reached the dance floor of the successful and popular TV show "Showmatch" at the age of 16.


In 2017, he won a dance scholarship in the United States and decided to travel every month during that year to participate and grow his dance level internationally.


In 2019 he decides to start his career as a singer where during that same year he released his first Album called "VIVO"  with 5 video clips of outstanding songs from it.


In 2022 he participated in tours with the singer EMILIA MERNES throughout the Argentine Republic. Also accompany the renowned singer Luis Fonsi as a dancer at the emblematic LUNA PARK theater in Buenos Aires. In the middle of that same year, he managed to stay in the cast of the singer YSY A to make two micro-stadiums in Buenos Aires.

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2:00PM - Int Reggaeton
3:15PM - Int Choreo

5:30PM - Beg Reggaeton

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