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Courtney Kopchinski

Instructor (Contemporary, Choreo, & Fitness)
Staff Supervisor

My name is Courtney Kopchinski, AKA Coko. I am a dancer, choreographer, and certified Pilates Instructor from Plover, WI, currently residing in Madison, WI. I started dancing at a young age at my small hometown's dance studio. That soon grew into my pursue of a degree in dance. In May of 2021, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance along with certificates in Pilates and Gender & Women’s Studies.


I am trained in a multitude of dance styles, but my primary style and ultimate favorite style of dance would have to be Contemporary with an emphasis on floor work technique. Something that draws me to the art of dance is the community that is created between every mover in the space and the ability for artists to use their bodies as a means of communication.


Fun Fact: I am obsessed with the beach and would be on a beach everyday if I could! 

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Courtney TEACHES:

4:30PM - Baddie Bootcamp
9:15PM - Int/Adv Contemporary

8:00PM - Int Choreo

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