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Yesi Ramos


Hola, I'm Yesi! I grew up in Lima, Perú and I’ve always loved dancing. I used to dance at every school dance, contest, and presentation, but didn’t really start training until I enrolled in a dance studio after graduating high school. That’s when I discovered I loved dancing more than I thought!

I danced for 11 months in that particular studio, then moved to  the United States! At first, I was really shy and I was embarrassed of performing some movements or making mistakes, but that’s why I pushed myself to take more classes! I tried heels classes and they helped me a lot with confidence and coming out of my shyness . The more I trained the more I could see the results and the more confident I would feel. Trust the process, right?

My favorite dance styles would be choreographic reggaeton, heels, and hip hop, but I love to dance any style. What I love about dancing is you can express yourself with your body and every individual has a unique way to do so. It’s amazing to see the many ways people express with music: how they put everything into it - sadness, happiness, moodiness, sexuality, anything. You can feel it and see it, which makes you want to join them!

Fun facts about me: I do martial arts!

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